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Important ECMPS 2.0 Schedule Update

Friday, May 6, 2022

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The ECMPS 2.0 Beta development and testing period has been extended through 2023. The reporting platform switch from the current desktop ECMPS to the new web-based ECMPS 2.0 reporting platform will become effective January 1, 2024, with the first reported emissions to be submitted during the Q1 2024 emissions submission period. 

ECMPS 2.0 is scheduled for mandatory use for reporting year 2024. This timeline will provide a reasonable amount of time for emission reporters, software vendors, and consultants to test ECMPS 2.0. EPA will continue to develop and release beta functionality (including quality assurance and emissions data) throughout 2022 and 2023; providing a year or more for testing, feedback, and deployment. The 2024 release will include additional data elements specified in the July 17, 2020 Mercury and Air Toxics Standard for Power Plants Final Electronic Reporting Revisions and other applicable regulatory reporting requirements. 

The current ECMPS reporting platform and XML format will remain in effect through 2023. 

Additional Information: EPA will be giving a presentation at the upcoming EPRI Continuous Emissions Monitoring User Group Meeting (CEMUG) to discuss this timeline. For those not attending, EPA will host an upcoming webinar (to be announced shortly) later in the month of June. 

If you have any questions on this announcement or its immediate impacts, please contact Chris Worley at or 202-816-2670. 

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