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Software Version and Database Version Mismatch Error After 2020 Q1 Update

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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Several users have reported “Software Version and Database Version Mismatch” errors after performing the 2020 Q1 update. This issue is occurring on client installations still running SQL Server 2008 R2. As a reminder, the minimum supported version of SQL Server is 2014. A complete list of minimum system requirements can be found here.

Stand-alone database users can verify their current SQL Server versions within the ECMPS Configuration Utility (select: Maintenance –> Database Properties). The bottom pane will display the SQL Server version. 10.50.1600.1 and earlier versions are no longer supported. Affected users will need to uninstall ECMPS and Microsoft SQL Server. Once this process is completed, reboot the computer and install the latest version of ECMPS. The 2020 Q1 stand-alone software can be found here.

Please contact ECMPS Technical Support if you have any questions.



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