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Reminder About Receiving Emails

Monday, March 30, 2020

emails being sent
Email is an important way in which EPA communicates with industry. Sometimes, EPA hears that an industry user did not receive an expected email. Although there can be problems with the email being sent from EPA, often we find that the problem is related to industry email configuration.

If you think that you are not receiving email which you should be receiving, you should do the following:

1. Verify that your email address in the CAMD Business System (CBS) is correct. This is the email address which is used to contact you for any CBS emails and ECMPS Feedback emails. After logging into CBS, check the email information listed under Your Profile.

2. Verify that your email client and company's email server are able to receive email from the various email addresses from which EPA email might be received. There is an FAQ which provides more information on what those email addresses are.

If you receive emails without an attachment which should be included, you might want to check with your company's IT staff in order to determine if the attachment was removed from the email.

If you have any additional questions about receiving email, please contact ECMPS Technical Support for more assistance.

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