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Planned Upgrade for SQL Server and End of Support for Windows 7

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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The Microsoft SQL Server version used by the ECMPS Client Tool will be upgraded in conjunction with the 2020 Q1 release in March 2020. Additionally, the Windows 7 Operating System will no longer be supported.  Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in January of 2020.

What Does This Mean for Standalone Database Users? 

The installation package for Standalone users will now come with SQL Server Express 2016.

Users with an existing Client Tool installation will initially not be affected by this change, and will be able to apply updates to the ECMPS Client Tool as usual. However, users who need to use a fresh database due to excessive database size or any other reason will need to uninstall and re-install the Client Tool to upgrade their local databases.

What Does This Mean for Shared Database Users? 

SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016 are the recommended versions to use in conjunction with the ECMPS Client Tool. Older versions of SQL Server will not be supported. Shared database users should inform their Database Administrators and/or IT department of this upcoming change.

Shared database installations using older SQL Server versions will continue to work and users will be able to apply updates to the Client Tool as usual. However, shared database users who need to use a fresh database for any reason, including setting up a new shared database server, will need to upgrade their SQL Server version to at least SQL Server 2014.

Technical Support strongly encourages upgrading older shared SQL Servers if possible.

Please contact ECMPS Technical Support if you have any questions.

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