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Verify Component IDs and Serial Numbers

Monday, August 26, 2019

document audit
EPA recently conducted an audit of analyzer component IDs and their reported serial numbers and discovered two issues we would like to bring to reporters’ attention.

  1. Component IDs are not being updated when analyzers are replaced. A review of the data discovered analyzers that, according to data reported to EPA, have been in operation for 15 years or longer. Although possible, it is considerably longer than the expected or typical analyzer lifespan. In the event of a physical analyzer replacement, users should place an end date/hour on the existing Component ID, and then create a new Component ID and start date/hour that coincides with the date/hour the new analyzer was placed into service. Users should also report a QA Certification Event Data record to indicate the analyzer change.
  2. Manufacturer, Model Version, and Serial Numbers are not being entered correctly. A review of the data discovered entries such as “###”, “???”, and, the staff favorite, “Later”. All of these should be updated with correct analyzer serial number. For flow monitors, provide a single component serial number that represents the control unit of the monitor. Leave this field blank for LME long-term fuel flow components unless using a certified fuel flowmeter to quantify heat input. Currently ECMPS allows the updating of these fields without changing or updating the Component ID. However EPA is investigating changes to prevent editing of these fields once hourly emissions data has been submitted using the analyzer.  

Whenever components are replaced, reporters should enter an end date for the old component record and create a new component record with a new unique ID associated with each system. Identifying components in this manner helps to ensure serial numbers reported in the electronic monitoring plan are updated and identified correctly. Verifying that reported serial numbers match the serial numbers of the equipment installed at a facility is considered a priority during field audits conducted by EPA or state auditors. Identifying serial numbers incorrectly indicates that, at a minimum, the reported records need to be updated or that equipment may have been replaced without completing the required QA tests necessary to validate hourly emissions data.

Please contact Chris Worley at or ECMPS Technical Support if you have further questions. 



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