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ECMPS Changes to Reporting of System and Component IDs

Monday, March 11, 2019

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As part of EPA’s ongoing focus on data quality, ECMPS will begin requiring the reporting of System and Component IDs during the use of missing data beginning with the 2019 Q2 release. This is a change from the current emissions reporting instructions where users are specifically instructed not to report these IDs during time periods of missing data.

Why is this change being made?
This change will allow ECMPS to better track system and component operating hours across quarter boundaries and ensure a more accurate evaluation of emissions data.

What do I need to do?
ECMPS users should work with their DAHS vendors to ensure these changes are made to the DAHS reporting software prior to reporting emissions for the 2019 Q2 reporting period. More specific details with draft reporting instructions will be released prior to this change.

If you have questions contact ECMPS technical support or Chris Worley at

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