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Planned Changes for Emissions Check MATSCHV-20-A

Monday, May 21, 2018

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The 2017 Q3 release of ECMPS added check MATSCHV-20, which verifies reported MATS values against values calculated by ECMPS. The check currently returns an Informational Message when the percent difference between the reported and calculated values is greater than 5%. The 2018 Q1 release of ECMPS included the display of the calculated values used in the MATSCHV-20 comparison. As part of the 2018 Q2 release planned for June, MATSCHV-20-A will change from an Informational Message to a Critical 1 Error.

CAMD would like to remind sources of the suggested best practices for reporting values that are rounded, as noted in Section 1.0 of the ECMPS Emissions Reporting Instructions:

"When performing calculations using any value that is reported in the XML, use the value as it is reported. In other words, use the rounded value in the calculation. However, any value that is calculated in an intermediate equation but is not reported should not be rounded before using it in a subsequent equation."

If you have any questions about this change, please contact ECMPS Support.

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