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EPA Host System Unavailable January 6 & January 26-27 for Scheduled Maintenance

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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The EPA Host will be unavailable for a period of time between 6am and 12pm EST on Saturday, January 6th for scheduled maintenance.

The EPA Host will also be unavailable starting around 9pm EST on Friday, January 26 until 12am EST Sunday, January 28th for scheduled maintenance.

While the EPA Host System is unavailable, the following functionality is not available in the Client Tool: synchronize, retrieve, and submit. During that time, users can only work with the Client Tool "offline."

Users are encouraged to begin preparations of submissions early to avoid any potential issues with these outages. Users are also reminded that the Monitoring Plan, QA, and Emissions files may be prepared, evaluated, and submitted as one submission package to avoid processing delays associated with submitting the three submission types separately.

Please contact ECMPS Technical Support if you have any questions about this planned downtime.



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